Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Bill Bryant Excuse Tour

I admit it.  I supported Bill Bryant as much as he supported our President.

That is, not at all.  And his political cowardice actually earned Inslee my vote.

Yesterday, I attended the Clark County GOP quarterly PCO meeting, expecting only to hear from our two resident state senate RINOs, Wilson and Rivers.

Well, imagine my surprise when I saw Bryant.  I wondered what the hell he was doing there... and was stunned when his presence devolved into what amounted to an attempt to justify his abysmal performance during the last election... which a blind man could see in a minute he was going to lose.

Political cowardice rarely evolves into a solid political platform and Bryant's pathetic campaign was no exception.

Yesterday, we were charted, graphed and math-ed to death by this guy who got his ass kicked by a mental cripple.

His conclusion?
"My opposition to Trump didn't make any difference in the outcome."
Oh, that's not how he framed it, of course.  If memory serves, he said something to the effect of "my decision not to endorse either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump made no difference in the outcome."
Bill Bryant, the Republican candidate challenging Gov. Jay Inslee, repeated earlier statements that “if Trump believes what he says, he is not fit to be president.”
Yeah.  Verbiage like that had no impact.

That's crap, of course.  I sat there and my response was that it made a difference to ME...

This was all part of getting wowed by self-serving, precinct level analysis.

On November 3rd, I predicted the following outcome:
Governor: Inslee

It is possible to run a more out of touch campaign than Bryant has... but I don't see how.  Another RINO coward when it comes to Trump, much of the base will undervote him and the most ignorant, worthless governor this state has ever known will be reelected easily. 
Trends are downward on the governor's race for the GOP vote.  We have to stop that trend, he tells us.

What's problematic here is that the same thing happened to Chris Vance... as Vance ACTIVELY opposed Mr. Trump.

CandidateVoteVote %
(Prefers Democratic Party)
(Prefers Republican Party)

(Prefers Democratic Party)
(Prefers Republican Party)

To suggest, then, that opposition to the GOP's presidential nominee made no difference is to be delusional.

Back when Chris Vance was wrecking the state GOP during his horrific tenure as the state GOP Chair... a tenure the GOP has yet to recover from... with his fallacious "Suburban Crescent" nonsense, he was saying much the same things as Bryant, yesterday.

Understanding that to be the GOP candidate requires you to at least pay lip service to the GOP tenets and the GOP's nominee for president would be a critical element in actually putting a GOP candidate into the governor's mansion.

One PCO suggested that the message needed to be changed, a suggestion that Bryant, who did such a SPECTACULAR job with HIS campaign, immediately denied.

Because, you know, out-democrating the democrats is absolutely what the GOP needs to do to be successful.

“They came on in the same old way and we beat them in the same old way." - Duke of Wellington

Here, the messaging doesn't work.  The left holds every advantage in this state and the GOP refuses to play by their rules.  The dems are more than willing to get into a fist fight while the GOP caves when it matters like a cheap suit.  The result?

A severe butt-kicking statewide, year in and year out.

To become a Republican state will require a concerted effort at ALL levels of the political realm.  But most of all, it will require that those elected with the GOP label to actually vote like it.

Our GOP-controlled senate is a mirror duplicate of democrat-controlled state senates of the past.

Billions upon billions of dollars in tax increases, more and more accommodation to illegal aliens, bigger and more expensive government, lackeys to the state unions and, of course, owned by the WEA.

In the past two years, my fake Republican state senator by herself has voted for the largest gas tax and tab fee increases in the history of the state.  This session, she's voted to jack our property taxes up to astronomical levels.

Gubernatorial candidates, who sound like leftist democrats even though claiming GOP allegiance, are causing the GOP base to stay home in droves.

Or, in the alternative, GOP candidates from hard-corps GOP districts like the 18th lie their way into office and then vote like their politics are from downtown Seattle, betraying their districts and flipping on a dime... or getting hired by the democrats directly... to sell us out.

Republicans are getting a smaller percentage of the vote because the people paying attention have noticed that GOP candidates lie to get what they want, and we get screwed for years as a result.

So, when you start out with a less than GOP message, you're going to get a less than GOP turnout as more and more voters on the right join with me in ignoring the label of convenience and a party that won't hold these liars accountable... by either staying home and not voting... or voting for the democrat... which I am doing more and more.  That wasn't particularly easy for me; a former executive director of this state's GOP, to do or say... but it becomes increasingly easy as those we elect become increasingly comfortable lying to us and screwing us.

Right, Sen. "Gas Tax" Rivers?

Bryant failed to acknowledge any of that... and he "proved" his point by drowning us in charts.

During his campaign, he attacked Trump, refused to take a position on the oil terminal and he supported the CRC/Loot rail scam.

Tell me again why any Republican should have voted for him?

Bryant was going to lose regardless.  But his political massacre was largely self-inflicted.  As I wrote at the time: for the governor race:
Governor: Inslee

It is possible to run a more out of touch campaign than Bryant has... but I don't see how.  Another RINO coward when it comes to Trump, much of the base will undervote him and the most ignorant, worthless governor this state has ever known will be reelected easily.
And no chart can change any of that.

As for me, I will never vote for the "settle-for" candidate again.

And clearly, that's who Bill Bryant was.

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  1. my favorite line of his was blaming his loss in Wallawalla on "the wine culture". I've been warning people today that wine makes you vote Democrat