Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Bill Bryant Excuse Tour

I admit it.  I supported Bill Bryant as much as he supported our President.

That is, not at all.  And his political cowardice actually earned Inslee my vote.

Yesterday, I attended the Clark County GOP quarterly PCO meeting, expecting only to hear from our two resident state senate RINOs, Wilson and Rivers.

Well, imagine my surprise when I saw Bryant.  I wondered what the hell he was doing there... and was stunned when his presence devolved into what amounted to an attempt to justify his abysmal performance during the last election... which a blind man could see in a minute he was going to lose.

Political cowardice rarely evolves into a solid political platform and Bryant's pathetic campaign was no exception.

Yesterday, we were charted, graphed and math-ed to death by this guy who got his ass kicked by a mental cripple.

His conclusion?
"My opposition to Trump didn't make any difference in the outcome."
Oh, that's not how he framed it, of course.  If memory serves, he said something to the effect of "my decision not to endorse either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump made no difference in the outcome."
Bill Bryant, the Republican candidate challenging Gov. Jay Inslee, repeated earlier statements that “if Trump believes what he says, he is not fit to be president.”
Yeah.  Verbiage like that had no impact.

That's crap, of course.  I sat there and my response was that it made a difference to ME...

This was all part of getting wowed by self-serving, precinct level analysis.

On November 3rd, I predicted the following outcome:
Governor: Inslee

It is possible to run a more out of touch campaign than Bryant has... but I don't see how.  Another RINO coward when it comes to Trump, much of the base will undervote him and the most ignorant, worthless governor this state has ever known will be reelected easily. 
Trends are downward on the governor's race for the GOP vote.  We have to stop that trend, he tells us.

What's problematic here is that the same thing happened to Chris Vance... as Vance ACTIVELY opposed Mr. Trump.

CandidateVoteVote %
(Prefers Democratic Party)
(Prefers Republican Party)

(Prefers Democratic Party)
(Prefers Republican Party)

To suggest, then, that opposition to the GOP's presidential nominee made no difference is to be delusional.

Back when Chris Vance was wrecking the state GOP during his horrific tenure as the state GOP Chair... a tenure the GOP has yet to recover from... with his fallacious "Suburban Crescent" nonsense, he was saying much the same things as Bryant, yesterday.

Understanding that to be the GOP candidate requires you to at least pay lip service to the GOP tenets and the GOP's nominee for president would be a critical element in actually putting a GOP candidate into the governor's mansion.

One PCO suggested that the message needed to be changed, a suggestion that Bryant, who did such a SPECTACULAR job with HIS campaign, immediately denied.

Because, you know, out-democrating the democrats is absolutely what the GOP needs to do to be successful.

“They came on in the same old way and we beat them in the same old way." - Duke of Wellington

Here, the messaging doesn't work.  The left holds every advantage in this state and the GOP refuses to play by their rules.  The dems are more than willing to get into a fist fight while the GOP caves when it matters like a cheap suit.  The result?

A severe butt-kicking statewide, year in and year out.

To become a Republican state will require a concerted effort at ALL levels of the political realm.  But most of all, it will require that those elected with the GOP label to actually vote like it.

Our GOP-controlled senate is a mirror duplicate of democrat-controlled state senates of the past.

Billions upon billions of dollars in tax increases, more and more accommodation to illegal aliens, bigger and more expensive government, lackeys to the state unions and, of course, owned by the WEA.

In the past two years, my fake Republican state senator by herself has voted for the largest gas tax and tab fee increases in the history of the state.  This session, she's voted to jack our property taxes up to astronomical levels.

Gubernatorial candidates, who sound like leftist democrats even though claiming GOP allegiance, are causing the GOP base to stay home in droves.

Or, in the alternative, GOP candidates from hard-corps GOP districts like the 18th lie their way into office and then vote like their politics are from downtown Seattle, betraying their districts and flipping on a dime... or getting hired by the democrats directly... to sell us out.

Republicans are getting a smaller percentage of the vote because the people paying attention have noticed that GOP candidates lie to get what they want, and we get screwed for years as a result.

So, when you start out with a less than GOP message, you're going to get a less than GOP turnout as more and more voters on the right join with me in ignoring the label of convenience and a party that won't hold these liars accountable... by either staying home and not voting... or voting for the democrat... which I am doing more and more.  That wasn't particularly easy for me; a former executive director of this state's GOP, to do or say... but it becomes increasingly easy as those we elect become increasingly comfortable lying to us and screwing us.

Right, Sen. "Gas Tax" Rivers?

Bryant failed to acknowledge any of that... and he "proved" his point by drowning us in charts.

During his campaign, he attacked Trump, refused to take a position on the oil terminal and he supported the CRC/Loot rail scam.

Tell me again why any Republican should have voted for him?

Bryant was going to lose regardless.  But his political massacre was largely self-inflicted.  As I wrote at the time: for the governor race:
Governor: Inslee

It is possible to run a more out of touch campaign than Bryant has... but I don't see how.  Another RINO coward when it comes to Trump, much of the base will undervote him and the most ignorant, worthless governor this state has ever known will be reelected easily.
And no chart can change any of that.

As for me, I will never vote for the "settle-for" candidate again.

And clearly, that's who Bill Bryant was.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Speaking of the RINO List, I'm hearing that Rivers and Wilson... who both screwed us with their budget vote... are the featured speakers at the quarterly PCO meeting.

This Saturday, there's a Quarterly PCO meeting.

There's a lot going on as I understand it, not the least of which is a rare appearance by the two local Senators feelin' the heat over their recent budget betrayal, Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers (D-Strategies 360)  and her new sidekick, Sen. Lynda "WEA" Wilson (D-Tracy).

This, of course, goes directly to the matter of party inaction when those falsely claiming the banner of Republicanism betray those who supported their election in the first place.

Sightings of these two at PCO meetings are rarer than Rivers massive... and expensive... waste of time known as the Sasquatch Bill.

Rivers' lengthening list of betrayals has, apparently, finally, caused her to take notice that the natives are restless.

Between her hiring as some sort of campaign consultant for the democrat campaign company, Strategies 360, while she was negotiating THE STATE BUDGET WITH THE DEMOCRATS by the serial philanderer that runs that company, combined with her lies about the gas tax and tab fees and her even more recent betrayal of giving the WEA $5.5 billion MORE in our tax dollars... the impacts of which on our property taxes were described yesterday on Facebook by County Assessor Peter Van Nortwick thusly:
Tom, I think you are going to be in for a whole another level of stunned next year. We are working on the details and will release in August the increases just due to the new State budget combined with the local levy's for 2018. I can't do anything about it but warn the taxpayers. I can say for the typical home in Clark County they will see a 50% increase in their State School Taxes on next years tax bills.
These two, Wilson and Rivers, voted for this nightmare. 

Like most every other RINO and democrat.

The problem Rivers has, besides her obvious democrat leaning (The ONLY reason she just doesn't switch parties... and when the GOP loses control over the Senate this November as they will with the loss of the 45th District special election... don't be surprised if her employers require her to ditch the GOP as a condition of continued "employment".) is two-fold.

First, she lies.

Second, her voting record is a stain on anything related to the tenets of the GOP.  In fact, it's much more a product of a 49th District democrat than it is an 18th District Republican, and the irony is that Sen. Annette Cleveland (D-49) was a NO on the budget, voting more Republican than my own Republican Senator!

The result of these two issues?

Rivers will refuse to take responsibility for anything... her falsehoods, her betrayal of trust.... her betrayal of the voters, the massive tax and fee increases (remember, the $700 million betrayal as a result of Rivers' gas tax/tab fee betrayal was the result of a "business decision" when she lied to get elected to the Senate in the first place) that we're going to have to suffer through... all her doing.

She'll excuse.  She'll prevaricate.  She'll get you to think she had no choice.

Well, that's why they call it "voting."  She ALWAYS has a choice... but the obvious conflict of her employment with a democrat campaign firm while she was "negotiating" with the democrats in the Legislature... which sources tell me the Senate knew nothing about until I took steps to make SURE they knew... lays it out for anyone to see that her true motivation for her sellout wasn't what was right... or best for us... or even "Republican."

And, she lies.

I asked her in the January, 2016 town hall meeting how it was that we could believe her.  I mean, when did we know she was telling the truth?  Was there, like, a sign that went across her forehead to give us a clue?

No matter what she might say NOW.... this is what she said THEN.

And that was certainly nothing to be proud of.  Nor was it anything to claim to be Republican of, so to speak.

So, Gentle Reader, I put the question to you:

Why are the Bobbsey Twins suddenly now showing up to a meeting they should never... ever.... miss in any event? I mean, if they gave a damn about what the people they're allegedly representing think, they'd be at EVERY PCO quarterly meeting.

Wouldn't they?

And how often do they show up?

So, why now?

They're feeling the heat and believe... falsely... they can engage in some good ol' fashioned damage control?

Since their actions are inexcusable.... good luck with that.

Or, in the alternative, they're going to attempt to squash the movement to oust the Party Chair.  In this instance, that's likely to cause more harm for him than good if that's what they're setting out to do.

What happened to them?  How did they morph into what they are now, from what they used to be?  Who got to them?

For Rivers, it was like someone flipped a switch.  Almost overnight, she turned her back on everything I had seen that wrongly caused me to respect and admire her.

Something happened.  It wasn't even subtle.  But the populist woman of the people who could have been so much and done so much for us all has changed into just another caricature of a politician... a conniving, what's-in-it-for-me stereotype, now literally owned by a democrat campaign company.... who, among other things, has worked diligently to get democrats into office.

Wilson has also become something to be ashamed of.  If Rivers were to stop suddenly, I'm reasonably sure that Wilson's head might disappear.

Since she was, sadly, elevated to the Senate, I've got to wonder: has Wilson EVER voted against Rivers?  On ANYTHING?  She sure disappeared in the county chair election, while Tracy spent bank getting my clueless-idiot brother-in-law elected (with 39% of the vote) to the job.

Is she anything but Tracy Wilson's puppet?

Didn't think so.

Regardless, action is required here.  Not motion.... action.  Every day the Party fails to act against those who pee on its legs while claiming its rain merely serves to embolden the Rivers and the Wilson types when they insist on throwing us under the bus of the special interests that own them like the 13th Amendment was actually the 13th Suggestion.

No speech will fix that.  No turning a blind eye will make it go away.  The Party needs to act.  Or, in the alternative, they need to question the reasons for their own existence, if this is the kind of candidate... the kind of person... they are choosing to support politically.

Failing to act against those who utilize Republican tenets as their own personal roll of toilet paper makes the Party complicit in their acts.

And while those of the RINO ilk will no doubt applaud their actions... the people of this county, given the outcomes of their respective betrayals in this past session alone, in addition to the the other betrayals over the past two years... will likely have a differing view... Particularly given the outcomes that represent the massive assault on our wallets that these two have helped to arrange... not to mention their major push to resurrect the hated CRC/Loot Rail scam... an inexplicable flip from the days when these two actually did represent the people of their districts... instead of the special interests they now answer to.

As this meeting comes up, there's a lot to think about.

Rivers' and Wilson's efforts to tap dance out of their poison political situation likely ain't part of that.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Hinton Filter: what it is and how it works.

It's a simple processor, based on my experience and what I've watched government become.

There are, of course, two major parties.  They each stand for something, based on their branding, messaging and advertising.

That's what their candidates tell us, anyway.  And that's the perception of a great many of the voting public.

Having been buried deep inside this process... having made my living off politics or politically related positions for the past 23 years... and having been politically active for the past 29, you learn a lot along the way.

Many of the lessons have been painful.  And oddly, most of them have been a caricature of politics as it's presented in generalities.

I started out with a PoliSci degree and nothing else.  I thought I had it all figured out.

Man, was *I* wrong.

The stereotype of a teenage boy when it comes to girls ... a tried and true history to be sure... is that they will say and frequently do... anything to get a girl out of her clothes.

It's not about love, of course.  It's about sex.

The girls, at some level, know that.  They need to be lied to for the boy to get what he wants, so they're lied to.  But the emotions and hormones are sooooo strong that they are usually ignored... and we all know the typical outcome.

Politics is a lot like that... in so many ways.

Just replace the words "teenage boy" with the word "politician"... and the words "teenage girl" with the word "voter".

We all know that.  It's portrayed that way in the movies and TV... and has been for decades.

I know it when I see it.

And I object.

There's a book-learnin' aspect to this: the thing I first learned after I finished my degree and got out of the military is that the entirety of what we're taught these days about politics and about government is by no means factual.  It is all... in its entirety... theoretical.

That is, the book-learnin' presents how it's SUPPOSED to be.

But real life presents how it is.  And how it is?

Is nothing like the books.

Oh, the schematics were accurate, as far as they go.  There are 3 branches of government.  They're the Executive, Legislative and Judicial and so on and so on.

But what goes on with the PEOPLE that make up the schematic, that's another thing entirely.

I'm reminded of one of the sayings on my blog:

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." - Dr. Martin Luther King


So, I speak my mind.  

My voice isn't for the left or the right.  Some have a hard time understanding that, to be sure.

Others, seeking to silence me; or at least minimally, discredit me with claims that I am some sort of mercenary, getting paid to write what I write; attack and vilify me, even going so far as to dig up and threaten me using information about both me and my wife, which, to put it mildly, would violate the Privacy Act (Social Security numbers and the like).

I speak my mind on a variety of issues concerning the political realm.  I call people out who we have hired to govern us and represent us in government... who, if they were employed by anyone reading this, would immediately be fired for what they've done and are doing.

These politicians count on a short attention span.  They count on us "forgetting," or, in the case of the RINO CCGOP chairs who endorsed my brother-in-law, Marc Boldt, for county chair in 2015, they specifically asked us to actually ignore his voting record as a commissioner and elect the Young Democrat-endorsed Boldt anyway, because of their hatred of conservatives:

Brent Boger
Ann Donnelly
Ron Rasmussen, Sr.
Mike Gaston
Margie Ferris

I don't ignore voting records.  I don't ignore the pledges made by candidates and incumbents.  I don't ignore when someone who claims GOP allegiance gets endorsed by the furthest possible leftist political group in Clark County AND five GOP chairs who blinded themselves to help us get the leftist Chair we have now... with 39% of the vote.

The GOP is supposed to stand for something.  If it doesn't, then it will fall for anything, as it did when it elected many of those we have in charge of us now.

I freely admit I voted for many democrats in the last election, because I had to ask myself the question:

Is it better to have an honest democrat in office that you oppose?

Or to reward a lying, dishonest Republican that you despise when the only thing separating the two is the letter after their name?

That's an easy choice for me.

None of the Republicans I oppose, for example, ran on a platform of foisting stratospheric tax increases on us.  In fact, some ran on just the opposite:

"The people have spoken and have listened."

$700 million later, it looks like there's a difference between "listening," and "hearing."

I wish I didn't have to write about this sort of thing: after all, one of the reasons we have a political party organization is for THEM to hold people like Rivers accountable for their actions and votes and to further the tenets of Republicanism as an alternative to the more expensive, bigger, more heavily taxed, less focused on freedom message of the democrats.

Sadly, the local GOP does not hold our candidates or elected accountable for what they do.

They have no apparent difficulty at all with a sitting state senator, claiming to be a Republican, working for a large democrat campaign organization here locally... for a substantial check... while that same senator is simultaneously "negotiating" with the democrats the addition of $5.5 billion to our budget to give a massive pay raise, without any additional accountability or achievement measures, to the teacher's union... a union so grateful, they felt compelled to congratulate this same senator for her betrayal of her district and the people of this state.

So, the question for me is clear:

Do I just let all of this sort of thing go?

Do I use my platform, such as it is, to remind those politically active enough to read my meager effort here?

Do I use it to irritate the powers that be?

Clearly, many of those in "power" dislike BEING irritated.  But from MY perspective, if they were doing their job, I wouldn't have to do any of this, would I?

I wouldn't be threatened by them... I wouldn't be vilified by them... I wouldn't even be noticed by them.

When I am alarmed by what I see, I ring the bell and bang the garbage can lid.  When I see dishonesty, I intend to speak to it.  I bring it up to remind those of understandably short attention span

The main difference between myself and most anyone else reading this is that while many may think or speak to what I write about here... I actually put it in writing for all to read.

And, of course, for those who are opposed to what I have to say, they can feel free to either ignore my tiny effort... or respond to it in ways that make a case.

That's up to the reader.  But I'm not going anywhere.

That's the filter.  That's how it works.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

More evidence that "Gas Tax" Rivers and "WEA" Harris are certified RINOS? Even the WEA says so.

Even before they became certified as WEA lackeys, there was a mountain of evidence out that both Rivers... and Harris (who has done a wonderful job of flying below the radar) were of the RINO variety.

Regular readers are well aware that my Senator, that is, the senator from my district, Ann Rivers, morphed into something other than that which I freely admit I fought hard and long to get elected... and keep elected.

(I apologize for that, by the way.  I'm doing all I can to rectify that mistake, but I am deeply sorry I ever believed in her.)

Any Republican that voted "Yes" on this most recent budget is a RINO.


They made the decision... deliberately... to hurt the people of this state.

They made the decision... deliberately... to cede legislative power to the Supreme Court.

They are using the Court as cover for screwing us and getting the leftists what they want.

And here's your sign:

Besides the picture, which is so shopped it makes Rivers look like an overly made up corpse, the question is this:

Why is Rivers doing what the Washington Education Association wants?

Does this in any way dovetail with her recent hiring by leftist/democrat campaign company Strategies 360?

With a senator like Rivers involved in the actual budget negotiations it was easy to see what was going to happen, even before she was bought and paid for by the democrats.

But any Republican, paid for or not (and Rivers, obviously, WAS and IS being paid for) who becomes... and votes like a WEA robot?

When added to her outright betrayal on the gas tax/tab fee scam she ran promising to oppose... a rip off that is going to cost this county $700 million.... a rip off that she refused to fight to allow us to vote on... here CRC resurrection scam (Talk about flipping: Rivers was instrumental in getting that killed a few years back.  What's different... besides the checks she's going to be getting from her democrat campaign employer?) and her vote to charge citizens more for our driver's licenses than illegal aliens and what do you have?

RINO.  No other label fits, because no Republican would vote for the fringe-left greed of the union scammers known as the WEA with this budget or any of these other bills which will have the net effect of hurting the constituency that voted her into office.

And that brings us to Rep. Paul "WEA" Harris.

Harris has ALWAYS been one of the highest rated union GOP hacks, so it's not particularly surprising that he felt zero compunction in tossing us under the WEA bus.

The WEA, who does reward their pathetic little puppy legislators with their support at various levels, put this out through Facebook... you know, as a doggy treat?

Here's what showed up on several Facebook pages in SW Washington, along with Rivers' bone:

Ask yourself this:  if this rip off wasn't entirely happening to benefit the scum at the WEA... then why is the WEA so happy about it that they'd actually, God Forbid, fete fake Republicans for getting it done?

We all know the answer to that... don't we?

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Friday, July 7, 2017

Speaking of RINOs, Dear Leader Gellatly weighs in on my latest effort here.

Naturally, he deleted my comments. I just wasn't quite quick enough to screen-capture them.

Deleting is what he does.

It is comical, pathetic and a little sad even, that outspoken anti-Republicans believe they can determine who is or is not a Republican by using the term RINO. First, the fact that many have stated very Publicly they themselves are not even a Republican but believe they can be in charge of deciding who really is. Second that they believe a RINO can only exist from someone who leaves too far left (which could accurately describe this term if used from someone who actually based it off of the GOP and not their own ideals) but they ignore the fact that a RINO just as accurately describes the other extremes such as those who despise most true Republican but attempt to use the party to push their own minority agendas and oust solid Republicans who may not agree with every single thing they do. This too should be called a RINO. But everyone should laugh at the Anti-Republicans who attempt to make these judgements for us.
But then, I'm not a narcissist like Dear Leader here.

The irony of all of this is simple:  *I* make NO judgments for ANYONE, save myself.  Everyone reading anything I write is welcome to agree or disagree as they wish.

But them, I'm not a narcissist like Dear Leader here.

He's a frightened young man who seems bent on making HIS judgments for EVERYONE.

But here's the thing:

No one forces anyone to read my meager efforts.  The chair of the local GOP seems to spend an inordinate amount of time following me around in an effort make sure that you... I dunno... feel "bad" about reading what I have to say?

The irony is obvious:

This political rookie... who knows a much about politics as he does about performing cancer surgery on an aorta, seems to have unlimited time attacking me...

... and no time at all to attack the democrats.

Now.... why do you suppose THAT is?

Suggestions are coming in... Looking at a rating scheme.

Most of them are certainly worthy to think about...

Implement a point system... implement a level system (Like, say, a Level One sex offender level) ... add the clueless idiot running the GOP to the list... come up with corrective action plans... that sort of thing.

For me, it's difficult to differentiate.

It's as impossible, on the surface at least, as it is for Dear Leader to rehabilitate his public persona from, say, moron level.

At the outset, I'd say that those who voted for the budget while claiming to be GOP are certainly Level One offenders.

Likewise, those who lied to get elected are the same.

What is a low-level RINO act as opposed to a major, economy-shattering, out and out disaster of elected official or candidate who intend to vote like their mantra is designed by, say, Vlad Lenin?

Anyone reading this is welcome t0 help design the system.

I just happen to believe that those who vote like democrats, particularly on the issues that have such a dramatic economic impact, such as the CRC/Loot Rail scam or the Budget have engaged in a political betrayal that has an aura of permanence about it that's hard to delete because of the passage of time or briary or something of that nature.

How is the bell they've rang been "unrung?"  How does the fired bullet get pushed back into the barrel?

How do our bleeding wallets heal?  How do they get some sort of attitude adjustment that fixes the very idea that they voted for a dual-tier driver's license system where those here illegally... who shouldn't BE here at all, nor who should be enabled to remain here like that license is designed to do, should pay LESS for a license than a legal resident of this state?

The trite idea that we can "vote them out next time" won't fix the bleeding they've caused THIS time.  When these people wrap the chain around our necks of, say, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers' proportions where the people of this county are on the hook for $700 million in gas taxes and tab fee increases that she yoked us with to pay off her buddies, how does simply voting her out do anything?

The mentality that allows such a thing certainly seems Republican in Name Only to me.

Am I wrong?  If so, how?  And what are the options?

Rep. Brandon Vick: cut him some slack?

It's also been suggested that since Rep. Brandon Vick voted correctly on the budget, I should cut him some slack.

Well, as I indicated earlier, once you make the list, you're on it.  Period.

I'm having a few second thoughts about that, to be sure;  nothing in the political world is sunk in concrete... but the question is this: when, generally, through your lies, exaggerations, and miscast votes, you've caused serious damage as an elected official or you clearly INTEND to cause that damage... PARTICULARLY when you've been warned... then what?  (No, I don't believe Brandon is "lying."  But he is flat wrong on this, it's what the democrats want (which should ALWAYS be suspect) and he HAS been warned.  How will he ever unring this bell?

I have personally discussed this with Brandon. He gives some reasons for taking the vote on this issue that he did take, but as I ponder the bill, there is nothing there that doesn't point to a disastrous outcome in the face of what this would do while fixing absolutely nothing regarding our cross-river transportation problems.

There is no room for bargaining.  We know the democrats will never cave on this and any bridge replacement scheme WILL require light rail as a part of it... all while fixing nothing that matters to us.  We should never... EVER... settle for a "this is the best we can do" position when, in reality, THIS "best" is being confused with "the worst."

Billions of dollars... many of them sucked out of the economy of THIS COUNTY ALONE... and what will we have to show for it?

Light rail.

And nothing else.

No increased freight mobility.  No greater safety.  No shorter commute worthy of the billions wasted.

We need ADDITIONAL bridges across the River.  And we need them BEFORE we look at replacing a functioning, serviceable and PAID for bridge.

Brandon's vote for this doesn't seem to see it that way.  And his vote seems to agree with the votes of those representing the 49th District.

His job is to represent US, NOT them.

So, how does one deal with this issue?  If Vick gets his way, 70,000 or more commuters, many in his district... a district steadfastly opposed to this scam... will suffer for the rest of their lives.

The special interests will get filthy rich off of our money.  The people who do not have to commute... who very few seem to be speaking for... will get screwed.... day in and day out... week in and week out... year in and year out... while those screaming the loudest FOR this fiscal rape will NOT have to pay tolls for a bridge that accomplishes nothing while they reap the financial benefit of yet another rape of the taxpaying/commuting public.

When is an act worthy of inclusion on the RINO List?

Does it have to be a pattern?

Or can it be on a single issue, so damaging in width and breadth that we'll feel the pain literally for decades?

Comment with your thoughts, please....